We are thrilled to announce that AURORA project partner UNIFI’s paper has been accepted for the IEEE Radar Conference 2023 which will be hosted in Sydney, Australia, this November. Their research introduces a Wire Strike Avoidance System for small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), addressing a significant safety concern in low-altitude flight.

Key highlights from the paper:

  • Wire strikes are a serious threat to low altitude aerial vehicles, with potentially catastrophic outcomes. Current statistics show frequent wire strikes involving helicopters;
  • UNIFI’s team tested the capability of a miniaturized W-band MIMO radar as a wire strike avoidance system for UAS in autonomous operation;
  • During tests, the radar successfully detected the presence of wires, allowing the UAS to alter its trajectory according to the radar-detected wire position;
  • Traditional detection methods like visual systems can be inadequate for detecting wires;
  • The introduced wire strike avoidance system, utilizing a W-band radar, offers a practical and effective solution to enhance UAS safety during autonomous operations.

Their research aligns with AURORA’s commitment to Safe Urban Air Mobility.

For in-depth insights into their research, you can access the full paper here.

Short video link to the wire strike avoidance system they tested.

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