On 22 November, 2023, AURORA, in collaboration with sibling projects AiRMOUR and Flying Forward 2020, presented their joint final event: “Elevating Urban Air Mobility” in Luxembourg.

The decision to unite for a final event was a logical outcome of the successful collaboration between the projects, particularly in communication and dissemination activities. The joint event not only made financial and logistical sense but also provided a comprehensive overview of UAM research and innovation, showcasing the collective efforts of the three projects.

The European Convention Centre in Luxembourg served as the venue, strategically chosen for its accessibility and the concurrent AiRMOUR Masterclass on UAM at EUROCONTROL. In the end, 85 people registered for the event. This was a bit less than expected. It turned out that on the same day, the Network of European U-Space stakeholders had planned an event in Poland. Additionally, the POLIS conference (targeting mainly cities and regions) was taking place just a week after, in Belgium. Nevertheless, the event proved successful in fostering meaningful discussions, partnerships, and inspiring innovations within the UAM community.

The morning plenary sessions featured prominent speakers, including Joachim Lücking from DG MOVE (video message) and Kai Bauer, Principal Advisor for Sustainable Mobility at EASA, delivering an insightful keynote on taking innovative aerial services to the next phase. Coordinators of the three projects shared key outcomes, followed by panel discussions on lessons learned and the role of cities.

To maximise content delivery, the organisers arranged nine parallel breakout sessions covering diverse themes like UAM legislation, innovation, sustainability, and more. The event culminated with the launch of 10 joint recommendations, representing the collaborative efforts of the 34 partner organizations across the three projects.

For a detailed account of the event and access to the joint recommendations, you can explore the final event report here. Additionally, you can find the plenary presentations here as well as the breakout presentations here which provide valuable insights into the future of Urban Air Mobility.

The conference was not just a culmination of achievements but a compelling call to action for the entire UAM community, including regulators, industry players, and authorities.


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