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22.11.2023 Luxembourg

Discover the transformative potential of UAM through the lens of Europe’s three leading RDI projects!


Results from AURORA, AiRMOUR, and Flying Forward 2020

Date: 22.11.2023

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm (CET)

Location: European Convention Centre, 4 Place d’Europe, Luxembourg


AURORA,  Flying Forward 2020, and AiRMOUR, will hold the collaborative final event “Elevating Urban Air Mobility” to share the knowledge and results garnered by these projects over the last three years – a testament to the advances made in the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) sector. As these three projects approach their culmination, this event aims to support future endeavours in the drone and UAM field.

The importance of disseminating the knowledge gained cannot be overstated. By sharing our results, insights, and experiences, we aim to provide a strong foundation upon which future projects can build, innovate, and expand. The UAM industry is continuously evolving, and the collective insights from our projects can significantly influence its trajectory.

The breakout sessions offer attendees a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the practical aspects, challenges, and solutions in UAM. These sessions, led by experts from our partner organisations, promise a hands-on experience and a closer look at the real-world applications of UAM.

Our lineup of speakers, coming from diverse backgrounds and expertise, will provide invaluable perspectives on the UAM landscape. Their insights, combined with interactive discussions, make this event a must-attend for anyone invested in the future of UAM. Moreover, the event offers a not-to-be-missed opportunity for networking.

Join us, be part of the conversation, and let’s collectively drive the UAM industry towards a brighter, sustainable, and innovative future.



Please register below to secure your spot. We cannot wait to meet you there and chart the course to a sustainable UAM future, together!

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