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While Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is a fairly new concept, it is poised to enhance the current mobility network and can potentially alleviate problems like congestion, while also saving on costs and time. However, its introduction is not without challenges!

Therefore, to complement AURORA’s ongoing stakeholder and citizen engagement activities, we organised a joint workshop with three other EU-funded projects; AiRMOUR, FF2020 and USEPE. Together with stakeholders and citizens, we aimed to better understand the impact and complexities of this emerging industry.

The Urban Air Mobility for All workshop was held on May 17th in Brussels and included 17 participants in total. All in all, participants engaged in lively three-hour discussion about the challenges of integrating UAM services into European cities and debated about UAM’s use-cases. It is clear from the discussions, however, that more analysis is required to understand UAM’s societal benefits, both in general and with regard to its use-cases like emergency services, parcel delivery, passenger transport, and surveillance.

After a fruitful discussion, some lingering questions remain:

  • How can we can we deal with UAM? Who is responsible for enforcing rules?
  • How can we create added value for citizens and cities?
  • Are all the benefits and consequences known? Where should investments be placed?

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