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With the resurgence of in-person events and conferences, we took this opportunity to showcase AURORA to our mobility peers. This past October, project coordinator Silvio Semanjski of SEAL Aero and Kathryn Bulanowski of EPF presented the AURORA project within the scope of UAM public acceptance.

On Tuesday 12 October, Silvio spoke at the ITS World Congress’s Urban Air Mobility Forum. In this panel discussion, Silvio, along with AURORA’s sibling project AiRMOUR, discussed the challenges of UAM societal acceptance.

Then on Thursday 21 October, Kathryn took part in the CIVITAS Forum Conference to examine how we can integrate UAM in our mobility landscape. In this interactive session, participants brainstormed prerequisites and strategies for the societal embracement of UAM in our cities.

Both sessions reaffirmed what we learned in our first stakeholder workshop: that the best method for achieving societal acceptance of UAM services is to actively engage citizens from the start.

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