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The second year of AURORA has just begun and our team is working hard on developing our project’s deliverables and outcomes.

We leave 2021 with numerous accomplishments. Our research team started by defining the Urban Mobility Framework, identifying the indicators for a smooth transition to UAM and exploring the Public Acceptance of UAM through our first stakeholder workshop. Furthermore, the technical partners advanced our Urban Flight Navigation efforts, outlining the requirements and specifications to set a foundation for safer Urban Air Mobility. These technical advancements are the building blocks for creating an autonomous urban flight.


Testing of the technological developments by UNIFI


Looking at 2022, AURORA will meet several milestones and continue to develop important systems that will ensure safer, more secure, greener and quieter UAM. We will continue our Public Acceptance research and produce an Intermediate report on our initial findings. Additionally, we will complete the development of the Technological Building Blocks and finish the AURORA smart city integration.

The advancements of the first year will allow the implementation of the functional- and operational-level systems, which in turn will contribute to the full inter-levels integration. With this, 2022 will also mark the start of our demonstrators, that are already being carefully planned in Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic.

Our team looks forward to a fruitful new year!


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