As social distancing rules relax all over Europe, International Conferences and events restart, creating a great opportunity for sharing our first outcomes with researchers, manufactures, innovation hubs and the general public.

Therefore, we invite you to join us in the following events: 

  • Tenth International Conference on Data Analytics: ” Digital Twins for Smart Systems“, October 5th (Ivana Semanjski, Ghent University); “Data in Urban Air Mobility“, October 6th (Silvio Semanjski, SEALAERO). 
  • ITS World Congress: Joint presentation with the sibling projects, October 12th (Silvio Semanjski, SEALAERO). 
  • CIVITAS Conference:  AURORA: Creating space for Urban Air Mobility in our cities, October 21st (Kathryn Bulanowski, EPF).
  • Lecture in the Instutut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia: Ivana Semanjski will be vising professor and dedicate one lecture to UAM and AURORA, November 10th, 10-12h (CET), [15-17h local time in Java, Indonesia].

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