If Urban Air Mobility is to succeed, it must be safe and secure for both existing and new businesses, protecting all operators, aircraft platforms, end users and the general public from unacceptable risk Yet the variety, density and complexity of UAM operations including drones, sky taxis and personal vehicles will be like nothing we have ever seen before. The OPTICS2 third workshop will look into these questions, bringing together experts in UAM, safety, human factors and security to discuss future safe and secure UAM scenarios.

“Towards SAFE and SECURE Urban Air Mobility” is a two-half-day workshop counting with representatives from the European Commission, NLR, EU-funded projects and other experts in the field. As an important topic for our project, AURORA will be represented by Silvio Semanjski, who will present our future developments to ensure a safer and more secure UAM. 

Join us there! You can enroll in the workshop here.

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