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European Passengers’ Federation

EPF will lead the research on public acceptance, user involvement and co-creation activities. EPF will also be in charge of the dissemination activities, counting on its European-wide network to reach out to relevant stakeholders.

The European Passengers’ Federation (EPF) is the federation of all major passenger organisations in Europe. EPF is an international non-profit organisation under Belgian law and has 37 member associations covering 21 European countries. EPF’s mission is to achieve comprehensive passenger rights throughout Europe, a better passenger experience and effective multi-modal travel by conducting research, holding conferences and working constructively with the transport industry and decision-makers. EPF has a multi-modal focus and sees passenger travel as an end-to-end journey.


One of the main strengths of EPF is its broad network. As a civil society organisation that represents the interests of European travellers, including vulnerable to exclusion groups, EPF has the capability to address an extensive network of passengers, passenger experts, policy makers and other stakeholders both at EU and national level. As such, EPF is regularly invited to represent the end-users at conferences, round tables, debates, workshops etc. EPF’s activities also include policy work. An overview of EPF’s position papers is available on the EPF website


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