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Robodrone Industries SRO

Robodrone will contribute to the AURORA activities with multiple size UAV platforms and its capabilities in terms of UAV design and manufacturing, as well as demonstrator activities (e.g., first responders demonstrator).

Robodrone Industries is designing, developing and manufacturing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) since 2013. The company focuses on multiple size UAV platforms, including user-friendly communication and control systems to store, process and stream large volumes of data coming from the various payload, sensors and cameras. In 2014 the company has been authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority to conduct commercial flight services with its own UAVs. Over the course of the numerous commercial and public projects the company has extended the expertise in production of customized battery packs, gimbals, and integration of various types of payload, communication and control units.


Robodrone has the engineering capacity to integrate envisaged payload and communication systems on its own UAVs and conduct flight, functional and interoperability testing. As needed, the company will provide its various drone types & sensors.


U Vodarny 3032/2A, 616 00 Brno, Czechia