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In AURORA, SIEMENS role in the project is first to support closed-loop flight automation virtual testing encompassing environment perception, coupling with perception processing with THALES, avoidance strategies, aircraft physics (propulsion to flight dynamics aeroelasticity) and flight controls laws with UNIFI. These virtual closed-loop flight automation will support the development of functions and assessment of UAM concepts.

Siemens Industry Software SAS (SIEMENS) develops in France and in Netherlans for over 20 years the Simcenter System Simulation solutions (Amesim, Prescan) The Simcenter System Simulation solutions allow to model and simulate the dynamic behavior of complex multi-domains systems and their environmental perception, mainly addressing the automotive, aerospace, industry and energy engineering domains. More specifically SIEMENS develops the Amesim simulation platform, its large range of generic physical libraries, its processing and analyses capabilities, develops the Prescan environement simulation and simulators couplings for SiL to HiL applications.


In the Aerospace domain, Simcenter Amesim is widely used to cover a range of studies from early concept assessment up to life cycle operations, from component to full aircraft integrating all ATAs while Prescan, originating from autonomous driving simulation, sees it use growing in the field of UAV perception simulation.


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