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Universita di Pisa

The Centre for Logistic Systems of the University of Pisa will support project with its expertise in urban planning and mobility innovations from economics and management, industrial and civil engineering, information engineering, political sciences and regulatory/legal aspects. It will particularly be involved in the integration of UAM services and related infrastructure in the urban mobility context and demonstration activities. It will lead the urgent logistics activities and actively contribute to the local stakeholders’ engagement and AURORA demonstration (WP 6 leader). It has already good experience in the collaboration with other project partners which will ensure smooth collaboration and fruitful results.

The Centre for Logistic Systems is a Service Center of the University of Pisa, one of the most renowned educational institutions in Italy, formally founded in 1343. The Centre for Logistic Systems was founded aiming to promote and implement university-level training, as well as scientific research and innovation in the supply chain and logistics sector.


The Centre is located in Livorno whose local economy is strongly characterized by the logistics, due to the presence of one of the most important ports in Italy, which is crucial for import and export of relevant volumes of goods as well as for cruise tourism. Consequently, Livorno is the natural location where the teaching and the research activities of the center can easily find the opportunity to be put into practice.


The center has been created with the joint contribution of several departments, since the integration of skills and competences of multiple kind is essential for logistic specialists. Among others, the departments participating to the activities of the Center are the following: Economics and Management, Industrial and Civil Engineering, Information Engineering, Political Sciences, Law.


The developments of the center has been supported and funded by the Municipality of Livorno, the Livorno Port Authority and the Livorno Foundation, which belongs to the biggest local bank. The presence of the Center for Logistics Systems in Livorno may represents a source for competitive advantage both for the University of Pisa and for the development of local economy. This strong relationship with the economic context may create room for researchers and students to interact with the main socio-economic actors of the territory.


The center for Logistic Systems hosts several research laboratories, which over time have developed important relationships with local and international players within the logistic environment. Among others, we may cite the LOGIT, devoted to do research on transport engineering mainly at urban scale; the LIMEN, which aims to promote research on governance and governmental issues related to the development of international transport gateways; the SEED, which makes research on smart energy and efficient design. The Center supports and promotes research by funding PhD programmes and Post-doc and Assistant Professor positions.


Lungarno Pacinotti 43/44, 56126 Pisa, Italy