|  news   |  Publication: Geo-Referenced Mapping through an Anti-Collision Radar Aboard an Unmanned Aerial System

Our colleagues from the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Florence published an article on MDPI, titled “Geo-Referenced Mapping through an Anti-Collision Radar Aboard an Unmanned Aerial System”. 


Unmanned aerial systems (UASs) have enormous potential in many fields of application, especially when used in combination with autonomous guidance. An open challenge for safe autonomous flight is to rely on a mapping system for local positioning and obstacle avoidance. In this article, the authors propose a radar-based mapping system both for obstacle detection and for path planning. The radar equipment used is a single-chip device originally developed for automotive applications that has good resolution in azimuth, but poor resolution in elevation. This limitation can be critical for UAS application, and it must be considered for obstacle-avoidance maneuvers and for autonomous path-planning selection. However, the radar-mapping system proposed in this paper was successfully tested in the following different scenarios: a single metallic target in grass, a vegetated scenario, and in the close proximity of a ruined building.

The full article can be read here.

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