On 14 November, Ivana Semanjski (UGent) gave a keynote speech on Intelligent Urban Air Mobility at the 11th International Conference on Data Analytics that was hosted in Valencia, Spain. There, she had the opportunity to present the AURORA project. Additionally, she chaired the Special Session on Transport and Traffic Analytics in Smart Cities where Ignacio Querol Puchal (SEAL Aeronautica) gave a presentation on “Aircraft Path Planning for UAM applications”. Meanwhile, Elham Fakhraian (UGent) presented on the “Overview of European Union Guidelines and Regulatory Framework for Drones in Aviation in the Context of Automatic and Autonomous Flight Operations in Urban Air Mobility”.

Incase you missed Elham’s presentation at the 11th International Conference on Data Analytics, she will be hosting a session on the role of the regulatory framework in automatic and autonomous flights at the AURORA-UAM, Flying Forward 2020 and AiRMOUR stakeholder online workshop on 14 December 2022.  The aim of the workshop is to help navigate the opportunities and obstacles in UAM. There will be more presentations on the findings of the first use cases and insights from the projects from a practical perspective. Find more information and the registration page for the workshop here: 

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