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First Press Release

Joint Statement – Sibling Projects

Launch of UAM ecosystem

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Main Findings of the first stakeholder workshop 

Main Findings of the first stakeholder interviews

Main Findings of the Urban Air Mobility for All Workshop

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Sibling Projects Ecosystem

AURORA’s First Newsletter

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Presentations & Articles

Next Generation Mobility

Antonio Pratelli and Massimiliano Petri, May 2021

Bistatic GB-SAR with moving transponder 

Lapo Miccinesi, Luca Bigazzi, Massimiliano Pieraccini, Michele Basso, October 2021

Urban Air Mobility: Preparing for a (very) near future

Katie Bulanowski, March 2022

Urban Air Mobility for All Workshop

Katie Bulanowski together with AiRMOUR, FF2020 and USEPE, May 2022

Polis Conference 2023

Katie Bulanowski, December 2022


WP 1: Urban Mobility Framework

Report: WP 1.1 Transition to UAM & Management of change

Report: WP 1.2 UAM Sustainability Framework

Report: WP 1.3 UAM Public Acceptance

Report: WP 1.4 UAM Concept Of Operations

Report: WP 1.5 UAM Safety Acceptance

WP 2: Urban Flight Navigation

Report: WP 2.1 Requirements & Specifications

Report: WP 2.2 Technological Building Blocks

WP 3: Urban Autonomous Flight

Report: WP 3.1 Safe Autonomous Guidance-Navigation Solution

Report: WP 3.2 Emergency Landing Solution

Report: WP 3.3 Autonomous Flight Control

WP 4: Urban Airspace Operations

Report: WP 4.1 4D Trajectory-Based Operations & Free Route Airspace

Report: WP 4.2 Noise Abatement Operations

Report: WP 4.3 Electric Flight Operations

WP 5: Integration

Report: WP 5.1 UAM Vehicle Integration


Report: WP 5.2 U-Space Integration


Report: WP 5.3 First Responders Elements Integration


Report: WP 5.4 Logistics Elements Integration


Report: WP 5.5 Smart City Elements Integration


Report: WP 5.6 Decision Support & Legacy


WP 6: Demonstration & Stakeholders Engagement

Report: WP 6.1 Virtual Environment Demonstration


Report: WP 6.2 Real-World Demonstration


Report: WP 6.3 Local Stakeholders Engagement Response