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Press releases

First Press Release

Joint Statement – Sibling Projects

Launch of UAM ecosystem

Stakeholder Documents

Information Brochure

Information Sheet

Presentations First Stakeholder Workshop

AURORA Booklet

Scientific Publications

Development of Non Expensive Technologies for Precise Maneuvering of Completely Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

UNIFI, January 2021

A Multilevel Architecture for Autonomous UAVs

UNIFI, June 2021

Bistatic GB-SAR with moving transponder 

Lapo Miccinesi, Luca Bigazzi, Massimiliano Pieraccini, Michele Basso, October 2021

Analysis of minimal clearance and algorithm selection effect on path planning for autonomous systems

UGENT and SEAL, 2021

Geo-Referenced Mapping through an Anti-Collision Radar Aboard an Unmanned Aerial System

UNIFI, January 2022

Fast Obstacle Detection System for UAS Based on Complementary Use of Radar and Stereoscopic Camera

UNIFI, October 2022

Aircraft Path Planning for UAM Operations

UGENT and SEAL, 2022

Towards Safe and Efficient Unmanned Aircraft System Operations: Literature Review of Digital Twins’ Applications and European Union Regulatory Compliance

UGENT and SEAL, July 2023

W-band Radar Aboard of Unmanned Aerial System for Wire Strike Avoidance

UNIFI, 2023

AURORA – Creating Space for Urban Air Mobility in Our Cities

EPF and UGENT, 2023

Overview of European Union Guidelines and Regulatory Framework for Drones in Aviation in the Context of the Introduction of Automatic and Autonomous Flight Operations in Urban Air Mobility.

UGENT and SEAL, 2022

Urban Air Mobility: A State of Art Analysis.


Digital Twins for Smart Systems.

UGENT, 2021

Smart Urban Mobility: Transport Planning in the Age of Big Data and Digital Twins

UGENT, 2023

Event Reports

Main Findings of the first stakeholder workshop 

Main Findings of the first stakeholder interviews

Main Findings of the Urban Air Mobility for All Workshop

Main Findings of the Brno citizen workshop

Main Findings of the Pisa citizen workshop

Main Findings of the Barcelona citizen workshop

Press Material


Sibling Projects Ecosystem

AURORA’s First Newsletter

AURORA’s Pamphlet

AURORA Project Video

AURORA’s Second Newsletter

AURORA’s Third Newsletter

AURORA’s Fourth Newsletter

AURORA’s Fifth Newsletter

AURORA’s Sixth Newsletter

AURORA’s Seventh Newsletter

AURORA’s Eighth Newsletter

Presentations & Articles

Next Generation Mobility

Antonio Pratelli and Massimiliano Petri, May 2021

Optics2 3rd Workshop

Silvio Semanjski, September 2021

Urban Air Mobility: Preparing for a (very) near future

Katie Bulanowski, March 2022

Urban Air Mobility for All Workshop

Katie Bulanowski together with AiRMOUR, FF2020 and USEPE, May 2022

6th Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility (CSUM)

Katie Bulanowski, September 2022

Polis Conference 2022

Katie Bulanowski, December 2022

13th EASN International Conference

Delphine Grandsart, September 2023


WP 1: Urban Mobility Framework

D1.1 AURORA Transition Framework Guidelines 

D1.2 UAM Sustainable Mobility Indicators Report

D1.3 AURORA UAM Public Acceptance Report

D1.4 UAM Concept of Operations

D1.5 UAM Safety Assessment

WP 4: Urban Airspace Operations

D4.1 Trajectory-based Operations

D4.2 Noise-aware Global Path Planning

D4.3 Electric Flight Demonstration

WP 5: Integration

D5.1 AURORA Smart City Report

D5.2 Decision Support and Legacy Tool


D5.3 Lessons learned & Recommendations

WP 6: Demonstration & Stakeholders Engagement

D6.2 AURORA Virtual Demonstration Report

D6.3 First Responders Demonstration Report

D6.4 Urgent Logistics Demonstration Report

D6.5 Smart City Demonstration Report

WP 7: Project Management

D7.3 Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation Report (version 2.2, final, public, 30/11/2023)